So done with SNL….

1 02 2011

On January 29th, SNL aired a very dehumanizing skit about our community, specifically the TS community.  It was hurtful, it was spiteful and insensitive, and it was not funny. Sent to NBC Studios/SNL….

I have been a very supportive and avid fan of SNL since the show first aired way back when.  I am a transsexual woman, living in the NY Metro area, I am professionally employed, I have a family I support and am a part of the local community.  Never in my 48 years have I felt so marginalized and abused as with the airing of this skit on the most recent SNL.

I recently transitioned, and work was the most difficult, in trying to maintain relationships and the respect of others.  I’ve had my very personal information briefed to over 550 coworkers with very specific information about my transition.  Your skit will now only make it that much harder to maintain that respect.

You may see it as funny, but it is not.  Trans-identified individuals are the most maligned group of any: more than one-third of all trans will take their own lives, while 80%, including myself, have seriously contemplated suicide.  As a Suicide crisis counselor, this is an issue I fight to reverse every day.  How can you be so very insensitive to a group of individuals who already suffer extreme discrimination and bias – do you realize that many trans are fired because of their desire to live, that they lose their homes, cannot afford basic healthcare or even food?  That we lose our families – as I have – thank you for that too and now MY children will get a good laugh.. sadly they will be all the more embarrassed.

You should be embarrassed for putting that trash on the air, and I request an apology – on air – to the community, particularly the transsexual community.. we are just like you, trying to get by, support our families, be responsible citizens, and simply live our lives as normally and uneventfully as possible… thank you for screwing that all to hell…..