DADT and being Trans…

25 01 2011

Mara brought up an interesting point on FB this evening.  The President is poised to allow ROTC recruiters back on certain college campuses because of the termination of DADT.  Mara’s point is to oppose this as DADT does not address any trans-identified.  Not to sound unpatriotic or anything, but…. why would ANY trans-identified want to enlist in the first place when they cannot even pee in the correctly gender-identified bathroom at ANY federal facility??

How long will we, the TRANSSEXUAL community, allow ourselves to be used and abused, to continue to compromise for BASIC rights that WE are entitled to, to continue to be marginalized by everyone, including some in our own happy “transgender” community?  How can anyone, who has had the privilege of being able to do everything they needed to accomplish for their transition, sit by and ignore others who cannot even so much as support their own basic needs of employment, housing, medical care or food?  This community, the transsexual community, will never make any gains because we don’t want them bad enough.  We don’t wish to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve even the most rudimentary of goals.  Status quo… don’t complain.