Just to clarify…

2 02 2011

I have been recently accused of selling advertising on my blog to make a profit from my writings here.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I would like everyone who stops by here to know that I do not generate a singe penny from this blog…. I am not responsible for any advertising that might appear on any pages here – they are generated by WordPress as, after all, the blog does not cost me anything and they must make some income somewhere… there’s never something for nothing.

The intent of this blog has never been to make money from it at any point in time; it is an information-sharing platform whose purpose has been merely to pass along my thoughts and information as I transitioned.  Many of the things I’ve had to do, others will no doubt also have to do, so hopefully gleaning these pages may find an answer for you.  I have been nothing if not honest and forthright in my writing, and very personal at times, sharing some extremely personal experiences along the way, again with the sole hope of educating others.. nothing more, nothing less.



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2 02 2011

“I have been recently accused of selling advertising on my blog to make a profit from my writings here.”

First of all, it’s perfectly within your rights to do so if you should so choose.

Secondly, how on earth could someone view this blog as a commercial venture? Have they ever seen what ad-driven sites look like? Even the tasteful ones? The difference is pretty obvious.

2 02 2011
Keri Marie

It was raised within in the context of besmirching my integrity…. which I think if anyone does in fact know me, I go to great lengths to preserve.

7 05 2011
Justine Valinotti

I have the same problem on my own blogs. I don’t take ads, but viewers have told me that ads have shown up when they logged in to my blogs.

On a somewhat related note: I see that your blog is evolving from a personal into a political one. That’s happening, at least somewhat, on my TG blog. I started it a year before my surgery. Now, nearly two years after my surgery, I haven’t as much to say about it or my transition. So I find myself talking more about political and social topics.

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