DADT and being Trans…

25 01 2011

Mara brought up an interesting point on FB this evening.  The President is poised to allow ROTC recruiters back on certain college campuses because of the termination of DADT.  Mara’s point is to oppose this as DADT does not address any trans-identified.  Not to sound unpatriotic or anything, but…. why would ANY trans-identified want to enlist in the first place when they cannot even pee in the correctly gender-identified bathroom at ANY federal facility??

How long will we, the TRANSSEXUAL community, allow ourselves to be used and abused, to continue to compromise for BASIC rights that WE are entitled to, to continue to be marginalized by everyone, including some in our own happy “transgender” community?  How can anyone, who has had the privilege of being able to do everything they needed to accomplish for their transition, sit by and ignore others who cannot even so much as support their own basic needs of employment, housing, medical care or food?  This community, the transsexual community, will never make any gains because we don’t want them bad enough.  We don’t wish to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve even the most rudimentary of goals.  Status quo… don’t complain.



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26 01 2011

Dear Keri,

You wrote, “…they cannot even pee in the correctly gender-identified bathroom at ANY federal facility??” I’m wondering where this rule/regulation/law is stated. I never have experienced problems in using restrooms designated for women. I’d appreciate an explanation. BTW: A while back I sent a whole bunch of legal citations. Did you receive that e-mail or should I resend?



27 01 2011

Keri…I really believe that your heart is in the right place, but I am not sure if you are prepared to accept that we do not exist in a perfect world. For me it would also be useful for me, if you would please explain to me the meaning of “trans-identified”. Also, what if any, do you see as the difference between TG and TS as you seem to mix and match what many see as totally distinct terms with different meanings.


28 01 2011
Keri Marie

I’ve been mortally wounded…. You so did NOT just say I am using TG and TS interchangably….. you know me way better than that! As for the federal comments: in speaking with many over the course of the past several weeks, any federal transsexual employee, so far as I am aware, is not allowed access to their gender-identified bathroom prior to corrective surgery. I would clarify to say at their appointed facility workplace, where they work regularly and everyone knows they’ve transitioned. What’s the difference, Diane, between you and I????? From thus does policy derive in the federal workplace…. I will see it change in my federal career – mark my words.

28 01 2011

Dear Keri,

From where I stand, there’s no relevant difference between you and me.

As you’re aware, we each applied our own individual perspectives on how to handle the potentially thorny bathroom “issue.” However, I still want to know which Order, Memorandum, or Directive specifically bars access to one’s gender-identified bathroom prior to corrective surgery. If management is unable to cite the source(s) by which they’re denying access–and provide hard-copy proof, then it would seem impossible for them to prohibit you from using any women’s bathroom within their facility; or any other federal facility/building.

You mentioned “Policy.” Management personnel can’t just verbally express an opinion regarding what any agency policy dictates, without also providing specific references to official documents. Hope you held their feet to the fire on this point.

Please let me know if you want me to resend the e-mail with a long list of court rulings–including some from federal courts.

Oh, one more thing: It’s “Diana,” not “Diane.”



28 01 2011
Keri Marie

Wait…. Didn’t you tell me to compromise?? I kid… FAA legal/management doesn’t care about any of that – I wrote a three page summation of relevant court cases and the current federal employment policy that specifically references gender id. They don’t care and would not even if I threatened court action which, I may add Everyone discouraged me to do…. My statement is based on the fact that throughout our government, there is no single agency – not a one – that willfully has allowed pre-op TS access to the appropriate bathroom. None…. I’ve gone to HRC, Lambda Legal, NCTE, TLDEF, Mass TPAC… Spoken with Mara, Allyson, Jillian Weiss, Denise LeClair, Bree Hartlage…. I even have emails from Fanny Rivera, head of FAA civil rights…. As for NATCA, and local mgmt for that matter, I m but one person of 600…. “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one…”


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