My Trans Opinions in FB Posts…

22 01 2011
by Keri Marie McDonnell on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 10:54pm

“Along the lines of what Andrea stated, small workgroups whose goals are to work specific issues.. Focus groups, under the direction of some sort of national committee comprised of representative members of the Trans communities as a whole. … Membership should be Trans-identified specifically… We desperately need to start doing our own heavy lifting and advocate for ourselves, from the bottom up… We just got through beginning to educate 600 people here who average $160k a year; if my transition can sway suburbia at the cost of being out, so much the better… Politicians won’t change unless their constituents start pushing for us… Educate the masses, seize the day…” (12/21/10-Keisling)


“We need to collectively come out of hiding and stand up and be counted… Show we are “normal people” with the same everyday issues like everyone else… Work, family, community responsibilities, etc… We are our own worst enemies in that …we want it both ways; to hide but yet we want rights.. Which has meant relying on groups who could care a less about us… I am so sick of the “LGBT” orgs that pander to us as if we can’t think for ourselves and won’t know any better. I’d rather they tell me go away and drop the pretense…” (12/21/10-Keisling)


“I like Rebecca’s proposal and that I think would be best, to create a unified organization with all of the major stakeholders represented to prioritize all of the issues – and most importantly COORDINATE among everyone….

In my transition …at work – federal govt – I discovered about seven orgs working on federal employee rights, and in most cases, the left hand didn’t know what the right was doing… everything is disjointed, everyone is trying to grab their piece of the pie, and yes, frankly, I’m sitting here having to fight for myself for my right to piss in the appropriate bathroom… we NEED to coordinate these things so much better than at present. And NOT be afraid to legally challenge these policies… It’s time to push back…

And that is where I feel the efforts should be focused… basic human Trans-identified rights that are inherent to everyone else. Issues such as bathroom rights, job discrimination, basic health insurance that is all-inclusive (read corrective surgery), housing guarantees, predator and police protections… it doesn’t matter if TSA is going to hassle you if you cannot afford to fly in the first place… “(12/21/10-Keisling)


“I enjoy being called miss and ma’am, and though some desire to bend the gender scale, I am very happy to jump right into that box called woman…” (12/27/10-Sandeen




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